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International certification for sustainability in the events industry

About METHODOLOGY that consists of a platform that allows to improve the management of sustainable or sustainable events. It also includes a MORE SUSTAINABLE EVENT CERTIFICATION SYSTEM to those companies in the MICE industry that develop their events in a more sustainable way, promoting teamwork and organizational know-how. Learn about our comprehensive tool for the organization and certification of more sustainable events Eventsost KEY

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About us

Eventsost, is the leading sustainability certification for the international events industry


The sustainability certification scheme for events promoted by Eventsost, allows to implement in certified companies a sustainability management system in events that includes compliance with the most important sustainable good practices accepted by the international events community, and also to know the main sustainable solutions for events on the market.

The Eventsost certification is carried out in collaboration with prestigious independent auditors, who are in charge of verifying our certification scheme.

Eventsost has been configured as a multidisciplinary scheme that allows taking into account all aspects of corporate social responsibility and applying them consistently to the organization of an event, being a scheme compatible with other related certifications, and even a tool for obtaining other endorsements of the sector such as ISO 20121.

Eventsost is conceived
as a platform to improvethe sustainability of the events industry and to generate a community of more sustainable event companies that recognize each other, and among their clients.

Sean Ngu
Alberto Gómez Eventsost Coordinator
Eventsost is a platform in constant growth and innovation,
where sustainable ideas are transmitted to the entire MICE industry. Eventsost International

Certification modalities

To request more information about the eventsost certification at certificacion@eventsost.com


Aimed at companies that have a management system for the design and production of events in a sustainable way using the EventsostKEY platform.

Sustainable resource

Aimed at products or services for events whose use guarantees better sustainability results for the event.

Sustainable headquarters

Aimed at venues that have implemented measures that promote sustainability.

Sustainable event

Aimed at events that are organized by an agency previously certified with PREMIUM and that meet the parameters defined by eventsost to be a more sustainable event.

Sustainable commitment

Aimed at non-profit organizations in the MICE sector or specialized press in the events industry, which promote good sustainable practices from their scope of action.

Discover our event app: Eventsost KEY

EventsostKey is an intelligent tool that allows the generation of a tailored sustainable action plan based on the briefing of an event, facilitating even the most sustainable options for products, services and suppliers currently on the market.

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