Training courses

List of active courses

AGENCIES for the organization of more sustainable events /// DURATION: 8 hours
Aimed exclusively at professionals from event agencies who want to organize events in a more sustainable way for their clients.
Sustainability strategies for CORPORATE EVENTS and marketing departments /// DURATION: 8 hours
Aimed exclusively at corporate events managers of companies who want to implement a sustainability strategy for their events or experiential marketing.
How to build a sustainable DESTINATION for the MICE sector /// DURATION: 7 hours
Tourism technicians or persons in charge of convention bureaux or offices for the promotion of meeting tourism, who wish to implement a sustainability strategy for their destination in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda´s.
Sustainable CONGRESSES /// DURATION: 7 hours
Aimed exclusively at professional congress organisers who want to organise more sustainable congresses.
Organization of more sustainable FESTIVALS /// DURATION: 9 hours
Aimed at producers of music events and festivals who wish to provide their companies / events with sustainability strategies.
Evaluation and correction of the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT FESTIVALS and mass events /// DURATION: 6 hours
Organizers of mass events, music festivals, macro-concerts, mass sporting events or celebrations that need to incorporate sustainability into their events.
Application of the 2030 Agenda’s SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES at events (MICE) /// DURATION: 6 hours
Aimed at organizers of events, congresses or festivals who wish to apply the ODS of United Nations in their events.
Organization of Sustainable Sporting EVENTS /// DURATION: 8 hours
Aimed at organizers of sporting events and competitions who wish to incorporate sustainability criteria into their projects.
Sustainability in MICE applied to CATERING and event restoration /// DURATION: 6 hours
Targeted to catering companies or catering services for events that want to offer their services in a more sustainable way.
Sustainable operations for events in PROVEEDORES MICE /// DURATION: 7 hours
Aimed at auxiliary companies in the MICE industry that want to develop their event operations in compliance with the strictest sustainability standards for their clients (personnel agencies, lighting, furniture, ...).
Sustainable SPACES for Events /// DURATION: 6 hours
Aimed at MICE professionals who work for VENUES or who need to make inspection visits to spaces and want to know which sustainability criteria apply to spaces.
Design and PRODUCTION of sustainable events /// DURATION: 7 hours
Aimed at event production companies interested in applying sustainable criteria for the design and production of more sustainable events (art production, structural assembly, large-format printing, lighting, etc. ).
Design of actions of social responsibility and LEGACY for events /// DURATION: 3 hours
Aimed at any event professional (corporations, festivals, congresses, teambuilding, incentives, ...), interested in developing corporate social responsibility and/or legacy activities for the events they organize or for their clients.
How to include sustainability in BUSINESS AND APPLICATIONS for events /// DURATION: 7 hours
Aimed at account executives, meeting planners, managers and sales managers of agencies and event spaces, professional conference organizers, DMCs, incentive and team building agencies and suppliers.